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therapy for anxiety

Are you in need of therapy & counseling for anxiety or feelings of anxiousness?


Everybody experiences worry from time to time, but if you live with anxiety, those thoughts are often so persistent and so loud, they can drown out everything else.


Your anxiety can look like excessive, unrealistic worry. A feeling like the world is falling apart and something terrible is going to happen. In your mind, you may understand that this feeling is irrational, but your body just feels like it is the end. You are constantly overthinking and worrying about things. It seems as though your brain is buzzing too fast and won't be quiet. You often think, "It's probably my fault."

Anxiety is when you see that everything is fine, everyone is healthy and happy, and yet you have an irrational fear that something terrible will happen. What could go wrong? "I'm glad you asked..."


You may be feeling anxiety physically. This could be insomnia, dizziness, irritability, trembling or muscular aches. Some people report a strong upset feeling in their stomach.

At Counseling Downingtown, we use collaborative, exploratory questions to support you as you learn to reflect on the emotions that are making you anxious. Increased reflective awareness of emotions reduces the anxiety connected to them. As a result, your outlook will become more and more positive and you will understand and accept yourself. You may even eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired; feeling good when you wake up! Contact us for a phone screening and then schedule an appointment!


Counseling Downingtown

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