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death of someone


This is a friendly, caring environment in which people can feel safe to explore and express their emotions. We offer individual and group counseling for those who have experienced the death of someone significant in their lives. 


There is a major disruption in your life when a loved one dies and this entails a period of re-adjustment. We are available to support and guide you in your journey of healing from grief and loss. With guidance, you can find your own path with any grief and trauma you may have experienced in your life. This is what we call "Reaching through Grief & Loss".


Reaching through grief and loss is different for everyone. This is a most painful journey, yet it can ultimately reveal your strengths. It’s common after a loss or a death to feel very stressed, confused, and tired. If the loss or death happened in a sudden or traumatic way, like a suicide, disaster or an accident, then the stress, confusion, and tiredness can be overwhelming. 


There is no single ‘right way’ to deal with grief and trauma – everyone’s different and needs different things. Much of grieving is about expressing emotion- some may be unfamiliar, and unacceptable to self or others, e.g. anger, guilt, remorse. It is very helpful to share your painful experience with others. Finding a safe place and an accepting person for support to work through all the effects of bereavement is important. We provide a soothing environment for you to share concerns and gain some healthy coping strategies, and to help you gain the hope that you need to eventually move forward with your life.


Counseling Downingtown

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