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Reduce Anxiety

Having Issues with Self-Esteem? Experiencing low self esteem is actually quite common.

Do you have low confidence? Do you often feel insecure or uncomfortable in certain situations? Are you constantly apologizing to others or feeling guilty or shameful? Perhaps you don't feel like you can truly be "you" without worrying what others are thinking about you. Maybe you feel like you are unloveable, awkward, or lack competence in certain areas of your life. Low self-esteem shows up in depression, anxiety (especially social anxiety), eating disorders, addictions, relationship problems, communication problems and more.

Constantly comparing yourself to other people, or to others high expectations of you, can cause you to feel as if you are inadequate or aren't "good enough". You are definitely not alone.

Experiencing low self-esteem can negatively impact every aspect of your life. When you don't feel good about who you are on the inside, it affects how you show up in the world. Self esteem issues can interfere with your relationship, career, body image, etc.


Self Esteem Therapy Can Help

Counseling Downingtown can help with our self-esteem therapy and counseling services to improve your self-image. We will start by providing a safe space for you to share any and all concerns that you are experiencing. Gain insight into how self-esteem can impact all facets of your life, including relationships and career. Discover how both your conscious and subconscious thoughts contribute to how you feel about yourself and begin to identify and challenge your thinking to create a more positive sense-of-self. 

After therapy, clients report feeling calmer, empowered, emotionally and physically lighter, more capable of handling the challenges of everyday life and happier. Contact us for a phone screening and then schedule an appointment!


Counseling Downingtown

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